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I expected this to be great, but you really managed to excel even your own standards. WOOO!!!!!!

well, that was...


I've been a fan of David Firth long enough to know what to expect from his cartoons, but this just takes the cake in terms of utter weirdness.

I have to say, it was very well done and incredibly inventive. I don't normally give a 10 to something that makes me think "What the hell did I just watch?" but this flash is worth it.

Really should think of another word but.. AWESOME!

I didn't think it would be but this is way WAY better than the already awesome first one. Your animation style is amazing- unique, funny and amazingly fluid. Its a decent length too- I kept thinking 'right thats so many jokes done already it must be nearly the end now' but it kept on going, and got funnier and funnier. If you keep this up and keep doing sequels this could become one of the greatest series' on the whole net.

BRILLIANT (in a cringe-worthy way)

This is just simply hilarious and I can't wait for the next one (it's only been, what, four years?!) It's stupidly rude but that's what makes it so great! My only complaint is that it's a bit too long.

Best Star Fox parody ever

It's 3 and a half years old, but I STILL watch this every now and then and I STILL laugh at every scene. I love the tension between Fox and Tricky, it's just perfect! You've gotta do a follow up to this... Maybe base one on Assault or Command or maybe wait till the inevitable Wii version comes out.

Quite good, random, but a bit disappointing

After that neat unexpected intro I was expecting some kind of series of completely unpredictable sketches, but instead there was just that robot fight, which kind of bored me after a while.

Nevertheless, that fight was very well animated, and I like the 'to be uncontinued' at the end... I wish I'd thought of that.

Absolutely frickin' awesome!

Mate, I know people probably tell you this a lot, but... YOU GOT SOME PRETTY DECENT TALENT!!!

This Castle series definitely deserves to be on the top lists, and you say that you'll be making more in the future? Castle IV? BRING IT ON!

I also like the way how this series gets infinitely better with each sequel, so maybe the next one will be so good it'll make it to the big screen... it could happen!!!

Um... ok...

Don't quite know what all that was about, but I guess it's good enough...

There are much better clay movies out there

You've obviously taken your time to animate this clay movie but with a poor picture quality, complete lack of sound or voiceover and nothing funny in any way, this isn't going to get very far.

Too long, not funny enough

How many mario blooper movies are there on NG? 584398492? Something like that. (Now I know I can hardly talk cos of my Stupid Mario series but anyway...)
The problem with this is that it really isn't that funny, it drags on for too long and some of the scenes are boring and make you think 'Why the hell am I watching this trash?' which isn't very good.

Good points are that the background music, sfx and sprites were okay. Not great but okay.

If you do a third one please try to make something more entertaining, yeah?

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