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Most impressive

There's a lot I could mention in this review, but I'll cut to the chase: This is the most impressive fan created game I have ever played. Sure there are glitches and little things I could nitpick, but when you consider how much depth there is to this game, it doesn't matter.
I've played earlier versions of this but now the game really feels complete- it's enormous and my only complaint would be that I'm never going to have the time to sit down and play it all the way through. I didn't really like the story, but I don't tend to like any fan stories when it comes to established franchises like Mario.
Anyway, this is fully deserving of a 10 out of 10.


What can I say? It's Doom. Even though its just the first episode, I'm not going to drop a star because its such a legendary game.

The fact that its now running in Flash player is quite insane. The graphics ran flawlessly- the only bugs I found were with the sound, but it really isnt worth moaning about. The controls are half-broken as well, making the harder difficulties even more challenging than before, but nevertheless its great, nostalgic fun, and a great technical achievement as well.


But somehow I don't feel motivated to spend 5 mins doing a jigsaw puzzle.
I highly doubt you're going to win over anyone with this.

parrotparrot responds:


Nice but could be a lot better

It was interesting to hear the differences between all the dr who themes (but some of them were almost identical- waste of space) The problem is some of them aren't full length, bad quality and also the intro was rubbish. If you could improve the sound quality and make the wormhole graphics look good and react to the music then it'll be good.

James-Leeper responds:

ok i will try and search the net for different themes. For the intro i cant really help it im stuck here with a 797 Mhz processor and i will be getting a new computer in january so i promise u that i will improve my work espally my vortx

thanks mate for the review it helped quite a bit.

james leeper

Doctor Who Projects

I wish I knew how you did that

It's quite an interesting flash this, it's basic, yes, but if you could somehow incorporate this into an online multiplayer flash game, then it would be THE BEST.

Still great, yet not as good as the original

First off, the 3D graphics are pretty damn good, and this is one of the best first person shooters on newgrounds, but there's no switching weapons, the sound quality sucks and the two guards at the start take too long to go down.
However, I like the nice way you do the knife attack, the double sight mode is interesting and gameplay is a lot easier when you aren't fiddling around with switching weapon combinations.


Well, there's not much point in reviewing this cos there isn't anything bad about it. It's the closest thing to perfect I've ever seen in a flash game, and that's very rare. By the way I haven't played it for ages and ages so I don't know if there's any major flaws I haven't stumbled upon yet.
But what I have played is perfect, well animated, fun, clever and glitchless.
Now that's pretty damn good.

Old skool Sonic just how it should be

It's strange when free Flash versions of popular games are actually better than the games you can buy in a shop, and this is one of those times.
Everyone knows the 2D Sonic's are waaay better than the 3D ones, and this game captures the spirit of the old classics. It's very clever and very well done, but it's not perfect.

+++ Nearly perfect level design and ace gameplay.
+++ Very well done graphics, all from the classic games.
+ Music / FX are good but can be annoying.
- Only 2 worlds? OK, this may be Flash, but this has so much potential.
- I don't really want to play the game again and again to unlock pointless cheats or new characters.
- Bosses could have been more interesting.

Clever code but pretty crap

I was impressed by the flat 3D engine running on Flash (who wasn't) but if you really did rob the engine from Flashkit I've kinda lost my respect for this. It certainly doesn't look very Wario- like, what with the realistic background and road. And as for the actual characters, they look like they were drawn in 5 seconds! Terrible! And there's no other karts or any game elements so what you're left with is an incredibly boring toy.

Either make this as a proper game with some suitable graphics or forget it.

Hm... Thanks for that

I get it, now I can use masking on my flash stuff. Yay.

Evolution68 responds:

glad to help

This bus is under attack! Please dial 999!

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