2012-11-06 15:05:01 by tank2tank

So I did upload a game just now. It's called OOORB and if I try to describe it here then I'm going to send you to sleep, so just play it. I could have uploaded it about 2 years ago, but it was going through an identity crisis back then. At first it was going to be Blobbium 2, similar to the first one but with extra mini-games. Then I abandoned that idea and focused more on the mini-games (though the orb thing is the only one I managed to get working.) Then Portal 2 came out and suddenly I wanted to do some kind of story mode.

It's gone through so many different names: Glynt, G Game, LytFLA, Clorbs, Colorbz, Yrbs... (a quick search on Urban Dictionary was enough to get me to change some of these) I ended up with OOORBS but honestly let's just call it 'the game,' because I'm probably not going to make any more soon. I wanted to get this out there because it's the most technically advanced thing I've managed to do on Flash by myself, and it always annoyed me having it lying around. Enough. My high score is 228. Go beat that and tell me about how I suck at my own game.



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