Well, basically...

2012-07-09 18:25:05 by tank2tank

I have a new animation out, Shoenice's Inside Story

It's the first (of hopefully many) animations made under the Shoe Sandwich name. Shoe Sandwich (coincidentally having nothing to do with Shoenice) is the name of the group I formed with regular collaborators Ben and Sean. I think I talked about it in my last news post. I also said something about not posting stuff on Newgrounds any more. Well it just so happened that this animation didn't need any post-swf touching up, so thats why it's here. Can't say the same for future things. Enjoy my stuff while you can.

And you should really check out Shoenice's YouTube account if you have no idea who he is.

Well, basically...


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2012-07-09 19:49:59

Jesus christ! Surprise seeing you here, I remember suscribing to you years ago for your awesome ytp. Anyway enjoy seeing your getting into animation good luck!