What I do now

2012-05-23 16:49:28 by tank2tank

Shoe Sandwich Inc is a group featuring me and the other guys who worked on The Something Chronicles. Basically it's where my focus is gonna be - we do regular podcasts and we've got loads of potentially great things planned over the coming months. You should check it out, assuming you aren't a cynical douchebag who only wants me to make Stupid Mario sequels.

I don't even use Newgrounds any more. This is the first time I've logged in since the redesign. It's pretty redundant for me now - when I'm making something in Flash I'll tend to leave the sound out of it and tidy things up with post processing - swf is such a shitty train-wreck of a format these days. I'm not gonna remove any of my old stuff, just don't expect to see me around any time soon. So get your ass over to Shoe Sandwich and my individual YouTube account.


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