Something to do with stuff

2011-07-01 12:17:36 by tank2tank

I'm back from my trip to Jupiter. Has it really been that long since The Something Chronicles? Apparently so, which has led people to believe that I've abandoned Newgrounds altogether. (This is only 38% true) Well, actually, I'm sort-of working on several projects at the moment. Some are ambitious, some are trivial, some will almost certainly never see the light of day, some could be around sooner rather than later (in tank2tank time, anyway, so don't hold your breath.)

To confuse / foolishly build hype for what may or may not be completed in the foreseeable future, I've produced this cryptic image to tease a few of these things. It won't make any sense to anyone yet (if ever) but it's better than nought.

Anyway, if you really want to stay up to date with what I'm doing then the best place for you to hang around is probably my YouTube page, where I regularly post stuff, and you can also follow me on Twitter.
Now go away.

Something to do with stuff


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