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For the love of god, just submit something!

All in good time... I have two animations that I hopefully plan to release before the end of the year. So, until then, just keep staring into the hypnotic eyes of that big cheese. Whoops, nearly gave something away then...

I thought you said my patience would be rewarded!!!

Yeah, and it will be. Just you wait, oh mighty resident of my news posts. It seems to be my duty as one of your 'favourite losers,' I will indeed be submitting 'something' by the end of the year. Something really evil. Damn, nearly gave it away again...

Gave what away? If it's about your next animation, I have no idea...

I didn't think you would.

You should submit the DIE! songs to the art portal.

Yeah... the ART portal. That makes a lot of sense.

I don't get what the big deal with StupidMarioBros. is, the third one was the only PROPERLY good one.

Don't ask me, I don't think any of them are that good.

I mean audioportal, sorry!

Really? I would never have guessed.

You should make VideoGame parodies that don't really have to be sprites, completely different from Mario.

Well you seem to have figured out that's what I'm doing.

Jesus Christ on a stick, that's a f**kload 'o' comments from me!!

It is. Do you feel special?

You didn't reply to my comments...

Oh I'm sorry, I didn't go on Newgrounds for A COUPLE OF DAYS. Do you think I check my account religiously every day?

Is the thing Chief Mendez from Resident Evil 4 in the form of cheese?

You figured it out, whoop de doo. I was planning to tease you with more subliminal messages (as if using the words 'resident' and 'evil' separately in a single comment wasn't obvious enough) I'm not going to officially reveal the title yet so unless people bother to read all of this it won't matter. Anyway, kudos for figuring it out.

Right thats a big clap from me Leecario you got it!!!!! Were supposed to be keeping it kinda quiet but im impressed you finally got it especially with such a precise sentence.
If your wondering "who the hell is this!" its a joint project with tank me and tanks brother.

Sssshh!!! No more spoilers! (even though it's all over your website haha...)

I didn't know anunfittingname had a Newgrounds account.

Does benchesh have a Newgrounds account?


Why make a full scale important collaboration flash project when your fans have already been waiting for nearly 2 years!?!


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